“Another Christmas Story”

This year, 2021, we here at Tis the Podcast are doing something new!

In addition to our regular Monday episodes, in which we discuss a different holiday-themed movie or TV show, we will also be dropping a weekly Thursday episode. These episodes won’t be like our Monday ones, however; each of the Thursday episodes we will be releasing will consist of an audio chapter of the holiday novel that our very own Anthony wrote, which is called Another Christmas Story and is a rom-com set in New York City, which takes place over the course of one Christmas Eve. Additionally, we’ll be releasing a text version of the same chapter here on our website each week for you to read for yourselves at any time!

Regarding the Thursday episodes though, it won’t just be the elves of Tis the Podcast taking turns reading this story to you over the course of this year, however! We’ve arranged for a wide array of talent to help bring this book to life, including other Christmas podcast hosts you know and love and listeners of the show you frequently see interacting with everybody on our social media pages!

We thought that doing this would be a fun additional way of counting down to the 2021 holiday season besides our regular episodes (The final chapter will drop on December 23rd, 2021!) while also providing you with further Christmas content all year long! So make sure to bookmark this page because it’s here where, ever Thursday of this year leading up to Christmas, you’ll find a new chapter of Another Christmas Story, both in audio and text form!

We hope y’all enjoy!

August 23, 2020

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