Episode 10: It Feels Like Christmas

Show Notes for Episode 10: The Muppet Christmas Carol

  • A Word from Our Sponsor (Your ADVENTURE Calendar) – 00:00
  • Intro Music – 00:34
  • Fall weather, what is coat weather, and #nofootprisons – 01:26
  • The Muppet Christmas Carol synopsis and histories – 02:28
  • Run down of Dickens’A Christmas Carol and the history of Christmas ghost stories- 06:02   
  • Our favorite versions of A Christmas Carol, the relationship of the Marley and Marley song to President Trump, and Thom’s random etymological tangent rabbit hole– 10:00
  • Cast and characters, the role of Brian Role as first time director, and the memorial to Jim Henson and Richard Hunt – 11:11
  • Discussion around the music of the movie and the genius of Miles Goodman – 12:35
  • Thoughts on the Muppets as characters/actors, Michael Caine, and all other actors, puppet filmed in water, Miss Piggy hate, and the origin of the number of sleeps till Christmas  – 15:30
  • Our favorite songs, quotes, and scenes from the music – 25:38
  • Does this movie pass the Linus test? Spoiler, we have a really boring consensus here- 49:00
  • Final thoughts – 50:00
  • Ranking the movie – 51:25
  • Recap of the list – 54:01
  • Listener feedback, reviews, discussions and Thom rants about r/Christmas – 54:35
  • Let us know what you think about A Muppet Christmas Carol, what are your Halloween traditions, and what are you going to dress as, is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween or Christmas movies? – 1:09:50
  • Please answer your questions, follow us on social media, subscribe to the podcast, leave us ratings on iTunes and Facebooks, and help us spread the Chrsitmas spirit year round – 1:14:11   


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