Episode 18: I Want the World to Know There’s a Mrs. Santa Claus

Show Notes for Episode 18: I Want the World to Know There’s a Mrs. Santa Claus

After some much-needed family therapy after last week’s civil war over the Grinch, which nearly tore apart the podcast for good, the elves are back in much better, happier, and more agreeable places to discuss 1996’s Hallmark/CBS movie Mrs. Santa Claus. They are joined briefly by the screenwriter of the film, Mark Saltzman, to discuss some behind-the-scenes information before delving into what turns into a gush fest of an episode over Angela Lansbury’s iconic portrayal of Mrs. Claus.


Episode Summary

  • We have our first real sponsor! Sudio! Visit SudioSweden.com and use promo code TisthePod for 15% off and free worldwide shipping.  The elves are currently enjoying the Sudio Regent earphones and pretty happy with them.
  • An interview with the screenwriter of Mrs. Santa Claus (amongst many other things) Mark Saltzman.
  • The bulk of this episode is spent discussing how perfect Angela Lansbury’s portrayal of Mrs. Claus is, with the elves constantly returning to praise her in-between talking about the other characters, the amazing costumes, similarities to a few classic Christmas specials, the fun song and dance numbers, and how ready-made for the stage the film seems to be.
  • The film passes the Linus Test, surprisingly thanks to Santa’s change of heart! Julia, Thom, and Anthony are also much more in sync this week when it comes to rating the movie compared to last week.
  • You can watch this film through Amazon Prime’s seven-day free trial of the Hallmark Now channel, or you can buy it on DVD for $5.00 through Amazon – it’s money well spent. Also: contact Hallmark about getting this played on television more frequently every year!
  • Poll results are in as to whether or not people think Ron Howard’s live-action Grinch film is a timeless classic or an utter abomination, and they’re pretty divisive.
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  • Next week’s movie: 1970’s, Rankin/Bass classic Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town! Tune in!
  • Only ONE WEEK until Christmas! How exciting! We need a little Christmas, right this very minute!Recommended Resources
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    • Santa Claus Trailer
    • Mark Saltzman’s Website
    • Tis the Podcast Patreon Page
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