Episode 23 – Holy Christmas Podcast Crossover, Batman!

Holy Christmas Podcast Crossover, Batman! Thom and Anthony, of Tis the Podcast, are joined by Gerry Davila, of Totally Rad Christmas, to discuss all things Batman! From their favorite live-action actor to don the cape and the cowl, to the best Bat-costume on the big screen, to their preferred actor to take on the alter ego of Bruce Wayne! Who played the best Joker? Which actress captured the essence of Selina Kyle perfectly? Did Michael Caine edge out Michael Gough as their favorite Alfred? Was there only one candidate who did the part of James Gordon justice? And which Batmobile is the most iconic? In addition, they discuss their animated Bat-preferences, their favorite Batman comic stories, writers, and artists, and much, much, much more – including the news of Joel Schumacher’s passing and the return of Michael Keaton to the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne after a 31-year break in the upcoming Flashpoint movie! This is one fun, extraordinarily geeky episode you want to be sure not to miss!

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