Episode 47: Christmas Movie Commentaries – Episode 4 – A Charlie Brown Christmas

Episode 47: Christmas Movie Commentaries – Episode 4 – A Charlie Brown Christmas

Happy Wednesday, everyone! As a special hump day treat, please enjoy this brand new – and long overdue -installment of Christmas movie commentaries! This episode, Anthony is joined by university friend, Rebecca Boll, to cover the 1965 classic, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, which she has never seen all the way through in her life!

Will the innocence and timelessness of the Peanuts gang translate abroad? Will someone with no nostalgia for this special whatsoever enjoy it after watching it for the first time as an adult? Will Rebecca be adding this to her Christmas canon and showing it to her son this upcoming holiday season? All of these answers, and more, are answered in this episode, so you’ll just have to tune in to find out!

Anthony will count you down and let you know when to press play on whatever device on which you’re watching your movie, but if you just want to listen and not watch along, this is still a fun episode to brighten your work week and infuse this hot month of June with a bit of Christmas cheer! So settle in, queue up that Blu-Ray player (or Apple TV), and enjoy this nostalgic trip back to a much simpler time! And don’t worry – this is one Christmas special that will definitely be covered again in these Christmas Movie Commentaries/Live Watch format due to popular demand!

As always, thanks for your love and support and for being patrons of the show!

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