Episode 48: What, We Some Kinda Suicide Squad?

Happy Wednesday, Christmas Fanatics! As a special hump day treat, Anthony is joined by Gerry D. of “Totally Rad Christmas”, Claude Bélanger of “Christmas Conversations”, and Matt Spaulding – professional Santa Claus of “GreenMountainSanta.com” and cohost of the podcasts “Two Broke Geeks” and “The F.B.I.’s Most Wanted” – to discuss the 2016, David Ayer, DC Film, “Suicide Squad” in anticipation of James Gunn’s “The Suicide Squad” being released simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max in just under two months time!

Listen as they discuss their histories with the film and the comics that inspired it, the movie’s troubled production, their Harley Quinn character preferences, how this stacks up to the rest of the DCEU, their hopes and anticipation for its upcoming sequel, and much, much, much more! This is one fun, nerdy episode you want to be sure not to miss!

Enjoy, y’all! And, as always, thanks for supporting us on Patreon!

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