Episode 6: Santa Just Yammied In Your Handbag

This week, Thom, Julia, and Anthony delve into the Christmas “classic” I’ll be Home for Christmas. The elves have some difficulty with the former teeny-bopper star Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s 1998 comedy and spend some time looking into what makes a good Christmas movie. Also, they delve into what Christmas decoration goes out first.


Show Notes for Episode 6: I’ll Be Home for Christmas

  • Intro Music – 00:42
  • Introductions, and chit-chat – 01:31
  • Special thank you to our listeners – 01:55
  • I’ll Be Home for Christmas Synopsis – 02:50
  • Thom, Julia, and Anthony share their personal histories with the film and our fond memories of Tiger Beat – 03:31
  • Plot discussion (spoiler alert: not positive)- 07:22
  • Why is Jessica Biel with JTT in this movie, bad 90’s references, and lockers in colleges? – 09:42
  • The casting of Johnathan Taylor Thomas and Jessica Biel – 11:11
  • Anthony’s language gets justifiably questionable as we delve into the worst part of Jake (JTT’s character) in this film and his horrible decisions – 13:10
  • RIP JTT’s career, Anthony delves into why it ended and opens an invitation to JTT to come on the podcast – 15:40
  • Emma Watson comes up making our first Harry Potter reference of the Episode- 17:18
  • Thom defends JTT and integrates “on fleek” into the podcast for dramatic effect – 17:34
  • Delving into Jake as a character and we learn Julia wouldn’t fall Jake’s antics and Allie’s wishy washy nature – 18:01
  • Organ donation in a Styrofoam cooler with Crayon writing??? Really? – 19:33
  • A look at the E-Man, a retrospective into bullies of 80s and 90s films, and more on Hocus Pocus – 22:07
  • Is Nolan redemptive? 24:35
  • The random Santa race, unmotivated falling, Jesus loves Santa, prize money, and racism (outtake tidbit, one of the elves spilled tea all over him or herself during this part) – 27:25
  • The times Jake almost died, and should have to put and end to the movie. Best quote by any of the elves, “Karma is telling us that this Santa needs to die, we need to be done with this Santa.” – 29:04
  • Jonesing for Tom, unnecessary suggestive humor, and random dentures – 31:11
  • Talking about some family dysfunction and a slight Honey I Shrunk the Kids tangent – 32:12
  • Discussing Christmas tree traditions and when they are decorated – 33:30
  • More redemptive characters – 34:32
  • Thom and Anthony talk siblings…..and we’re back to Harry Potter! – 34:58
  • And Anthony’s favorite character is… – 36:44
  • Julia takes us back to Turf & Turf to talk about Marjorie – 38:18
  • A delve into Officer Max’s motivations but really who cares? – 39:29
  • Why does everyone call JTT Santa? – 40:13
  • Potentially the most depressing parade in history and Anthony tries to convince Thom to get arrested for Tis the Podcast – 41:44
  • Discussing of Gary Cole’s greatness and Thom sips his coffee like his coffee Office Space Style before discussing the relationship between Gary Cole and director Arlene Sanford and Thom goes on a Good Luck Charlie tangent – 42:59
  • Final Thoughts and delving into the music of the film– 45:17
  • What makes a good Christmas movie (again) and the Linus test – 47:00
  • The rating of I’ll Be Home for Christmas (there is not a consensus on where this film lands) and now have 5 movies on the list!- 49:03
  • Reading listener mail, comments, recommendations, and reviews – 55:53
  • Thom and Julia talk about Lindsborg, Kansas and talking about Sleightholm Folk Art – 1:02:27
  • What’s your first Christmas decoration you put out? 1:03:23
  • The long awaited giveaway 1:05:44
  • Homework, Krampus is next week followed Charlie Brown’s Christmas special, teasing about our upcoming guest hosts, and then Thom shamelessly begging for reviews and social media interaction- 1:07:26
  • Only 3 months until Christmas!!! – 1:08:31
  • NSync outro – 1:08:51 



  • I’ll be Home for Christmas Trailer
  • Hocus Pocus Trailer
  • Lindsborg, Kansas St. Lucia Festival info
  • Sleightholm Folk Art link
  • ‘NSync Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Video

As promised, Anthony in all his Harry Potter glory:


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