Episode 8: Sure Charlie Brown, I Can Tell You What Christmas Is All About.

Show Notes for Episode 8: A Charlie Brown Christmas


• A Word from Our Sponsor (Lucy van Pelt’s Psychiatric Help) – 00:00

• Intro Music – 00:23

• Introductions and a note on current events – 01:14

A Charlie Brown Christmas Synopsis – 03:05

•Discussion with Dr. Stephen Lind, author of A Charlie Brown Religion: Exploring the Spiritual Life and Work of Charles M. Schulz03:26   

• Personal histories with A Charlie Brown Christmas13:35

• Discussion of overall plot and conversations on the over-commercialization of Christmas– 18:23

• On how Christmas isn’t joyful for everyone, and how Charlie Brown brings to light feelings of depression during the Christmas season – 20:37

• The inclusion of religious Christmas themes, and how rare that is to this day– 22:42

• Character discussion, missing Woodstock, and how Thom is Shermy – 24:15

• Talking about how some members of the Peanuts gang are real jerks – 31:10

• Discussing the music of Vince Guaraldi in A Charlie Brown Christmas, and a little Christmas In Hollis jab at Anthony– 31:50

• Wrapping up character discussion with Sally, and how Anthony starts his letters to Santa – 33:41

• Favorite scenes and quotes including, but not limited to, “Easter Syndicates” and how Thom feels dirty calling Charlie Brown “Charlie” – 35:08

• We talk about if A Charlie Brown Christmas can hold it’s own against full-length Christmas movies – 46:11

• Heavy arguing on whether it passes The Linus Test (not really), and some Krampus talk.  – 47:23

• Final thoughts on the movie – 49:45

• Ranking the movie and starting a new “Top Christmas TV Specials” list – 55:12

• Thanks Dr. Lind! Go buy his book! – 57:15

• Reading some reviews and responses, and shameless asking for more and listening to Anthony’s trouble with the word “drawers” (PS…we heart you, Disco54) 57:14

• Pushing the Tis The Podcast Spotify playlist (in all it’s glory), and the game you can participate in on the social medias: try and guess which Elf submitted which song! – 1:01:46

• Next week’s movie is…….Santa’s Slay.  Thom apologizes for picking this movie, in advance. – 1:02:50

• We reveal our Question of the Week: “What are your favorite Christmas-themed books or short stories?”1:05:41

• Pleads to like, review and share with us on the social medias, and a little talk about our promo giveaway of our Uncle Eddie Funko POP! figure – 1:10:35

• Only 77 days left until Christmas! – 1:12:45

• Outro Music (Christmas Time is Here) – 1:12:56



A Charlie Brown Christmas Trailer

• Dr. Stephen Lind:

Official Website

Buy A Charlie Brown Religion: Exploring the Spiritual Life and Work of Charles M. Schulz

Buy Skipping Christmas by John Grisham

Buy A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Read A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote

Buy The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg

Buy Batman Noel

Read The Night Before Christmas poem

 Listen to The Nightmare Before Christmas poem, read by Christopher Lee

Read The Grinch

Read The Gift of the Magi by O’Henry

Read the Story of Christ’s birth, Luke 2

Buy A Christmas Story 







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