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199: A Time of Joy. Of Friendship. Of Family. All of this, Life Day is. And a Happy One, I Wish You. (The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special)

Merry Christmas, everybody! Can you believe it's here already? 2020, as strange and as unusual as it's been, felt both slow and long at the same time! We hope Santa was good for you and brought you everything that you wanted. While we here at Tis the Podcast can't physically leave gifts in your stockings, we did want to deliver a virtual gift for you in the form of this bonus episode in which we discuss the brand new, 2020, Disney + original holiday special, The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special! Laugh along with Julia, Thom, and Anthony in this quote-a-plenty episode as they gush over this amazing gift from the House that Mickey Mouse built and geek out over just how much of a love letter this original production is to George Lucas' beloved and iconic creation!  So, once you've opened all your gifts, drank all the eggnog you can consume, have had your Christmas dinner, and have zoomed with all of your relatives, settle in beside the glow of your Christmas tree and enjoy this fun episode you want to be sure not to miss!