Tis the Podcast

Keeping the Christmas spirit alive 365 days a year.


About Tis Podcast

Welcome to Tis the Podcast, the Christmas podcast that's determined to keep the spirit of Christmas alive 365 days a year! Join us and our community as we talk all things Christmas! So what can you expect from this group of misfit toys? Every week we&aposre going to look at a different Christmas movie, special, or TV episode. As we talk, we'll share our reviews, insights, and witty banter. As our reviews grow, you can find the canonical ranking of Christmas movies here on our site. Really, what more could you want out of a Christmas podcast?


ANTHONY CARUSO aka Santa's Head Elf

One part Buddy the Elf, Two parts Bernard the Elf, and 0 parts Curtis the Elf, Anthony is what some would call ‘New York Brash’. Beneath the hard exterior, he has a heart of silver and gold though, and lives to keep the Christmas Spirit Alive 365 days per year. In addition to Christmas, Anthony is an avid reader and writer, and has massive amounts of love for Spooky Season, Movies, DC Comics (especially Batman), Politics, and his wife, Sarah, and dog, Larry. All complaints about his cinematic opinions can be directed to the worst elf, Thom.

JULIA COLBURN aka The Holiday Armadillo

Julia is a people-loving Pollyanna with an affinity for useless knowledge and pop-culture trivia. She can often speak in Movie/TV Quotes and Gifs. With her amazing husband's support, she has made it her goal to raise their 4 kids to not be cotton-headed ninny muggins.

THOM CROWE aka Chief Reindeer Pooper Scooper

Thom has a self-diagnosed Christmas obsession and is known to subject his very loving and supportive wife and sweet daughter to Christmas music during the hottest of Oklahoma months. Throughout the year, Thom works marketing magic, leads a Daisy troop, loves to cook, enjoys reading, and lots of nerdy things.