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82: And The Grinch Raised His Glass, And Led The Whos In A Toast, "To Kindness And Love, The Things We Need Most!" (Dr. Seuss' The Grinch [2018])

This week, Julia, Thom, and Anthony return to Whoville for the first time in over a year in order to talk about the 2018 animated film, Dr. Seuss' The Grinch." All Out War" broke out amongst the hosts the last time they talked about the Grinch and his dog, Max - will they be more in sync while discussing this remake of one of their favorite Christmas tales? (A remake that all three were wary about upon it being announced!) The less you know about where they stand on this film going in, the better, but we can promise you that this is an extremely fun episode that will not only make you want to whip up a cup of your favorite holiday drink, but which will also put you right back into the Christmas spirit!