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34: Angel Metaphysics - Top of My Class. (Three Days)

This week, the elves venture into completely new territory while covering their first made-for-T.V. Christmas movie! Surprisingly, it’s not a Hallmark Original, but an ABC Family (before it was Freeform) Original that debuted during it’s 25 Days of Christmas programming block back in 2001: Three Days. While Julia, Thom, and Anthony are all over the map in what they think about the overall quality of this movie starring Kristin Davis, Reed Diamond, and Tim Meadows, they’re in agreement about the fact that it’s quite depressing for a Holiday story, and have fun picking apart script flaws and directorial choices. In addition, the hosts discuss the brand new poster, trailer, and plot synopsis released for Illumination Entertainment’s upcoming 2018 film Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch.