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Bonus: ”Another Christmas Story” - Epilogue - Christmas All Over Again - As Read By Julia Colburn

Happy Thursday, Christmas fanatics! And Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Happy the Day Before the Night Before Christmas! Happy Christmas Adam! Happy Tibb's Eve! Happy Festivus! Happy December 23rd - whatever you want to call it! We are officially two days away from Christmas 2021! Can you believe that? Where has the time gone?  

This week’s final installment of "Another Christmas Story", the Epilogue entitled “Christmas All Over Again", will be read to you by the elf with the best voice - our very own Julia Colburn! We hope you like it! And we hope you enjoyed the entirety of "Another Christmas Story"! In honor of this final bonus Thursday episode, which rounds out his book, there are a few people Anthony wanted to thank for participating in this beautifully collaborative, year long effort:

  • His two cohosts, Thom and Julia, for not only letting him hijack the show once a week to release his story piecemeal, but also for contributing their voices and talents to helping him bring it to life.
  • His beloved wife, Sarah Houston, whom he loves dearly and who puts up with him and his crazy geeky, Batman, writing, Christmas, and political obsessions; she epitomizes that "Great Woman" that is behind every man. 
  • Rebecca Boll
  • Gerry Davila of "Totally Rad Christmas" 
  • April Ryley 
  • Todd Killian of "Christmas Clatter"
  • Craig Brewer of "Weird Christmas"
  • Ron Hogan of "Film Strip Podcast"
  • Claude Bélanger of "Christmas Conversations"
  • Scarlett Alexandra of "NetfliXmas"  
  • Mike Westfall of "Advent Calendar House"
  • Kendall Farrae of "For Forks Sake"
  • Michele Kidwell of "Michelle's Cozy Mystery Book Club"
  • Nicole Little
  • Mclean Sloughter 
  • Charlyn Lewis of "Fashion Speaks"
  • Tim Babb of "Can't Wait for Christmas"
  • Steven Beech of "Uplifting House Sessions"
  • Jay Skipworth of "Film Strip Podcast"
  • Matt Eurich of "TGI Podcast"
  • Glen Warren of "Seasons Eatings"
  • Lauren Simone
  • Adam Parker Sibun of "Merry Britsmas"
  • Sean Sotka of "The Christmas Podcasts Podcast"
  • Robert Nickerson of "Behind the Bells"
  • Manny Torres of "Feliz Christmas Merry Navidad"
  • Kim Cooper of "Planning for Christmas"
  • Danielle and Jackie of "No More Late Fees"
  • Danielle Essary

And, of course, all of you listeners who turned in each and every Thursday from January to December to listen to this story and find out how it played out. We hope you enjoyed it! If you did, make sure to share this episode and our website, upon which the text of this installment is posted, to get it in front of as many ears and eyes as possible! In addition, make sure to share this installment for a chance to win a brand new, 2021 Hallmark “Stocking Stuffers Special Edition Keepsake Ornament”!

Coming up on the show this upcoming Monday, December 27th, we will be covering the brand new HBO Max Original Christmas Movie,  “8-Bit Christmas", on which we will be joined by Gerry D. of "Totally Rad Christmas" and April Ryley, who is making her long overdue return to the podcast! And, recording that same evening, the elves will be discussing the brand new Netflix original holiday movie, "A Boy Called Christmas" - based on the book of the same name! That episode will drop in your feeds on Monday, January 3rd! Before that, however, on Friday, December 24th - Christmas Eve 2021 - we'll be dropping our annual Christmas Eve bonus episode! So, keep your eyes on your podcast feeds because there’s lots of great stuff coming up!

Enjoy, y’all! 🎅🏻🎄🎁 🦌🦉⛄️🚂🔔 🤶🏻 🎀 ❄️