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127: Christmas: It's Not The Giving, It's Not The Getting, It's The Loving. (A Garfield Christmas)

This week, the elves cover a beloved Christmas special that, criminally, hasn't been aired in many years on television - 1987's A Garfield Christmas. Our three hosts have a blast talking about the famous lasagna-loving cat, his goofy dog brother, and their dorky owner, but can this special hold a candle to the likes of the Grinch and Charlie Brown? Also in this episode: Anthony gives an update not only on last week's Halloween costume search, the but also the Starbucks employee he believes has been flirting with him; Thom briefly discusses his new job; and the elves discuss the latest Batman casting news and FX's upcoming A Christmas Carol miniseries. In addition, in response to listener Gary Blauman's question about which elf the listeners most relate to, Anthony, Julia, and Thom share the amazing Harry Potter, Sorting Hat inspired poem written by listener Disco54. This is one episode, overflowing with Christmas cheer, that you definitely do not want to miss!