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206: Christmas Is A Time When You Look At Your life Through A Magnifying Glass, And Whatever You Don't Have Feels Overwhelming. Being Alone Is So Much Lonelier At Christmas. (Mixed Nuts)

Happy Monday, Christmas Fanatics! Can you believe we're already in February? One month down in 2021 on the long journey to Christmas! Though, when you think about it, Leon Day is only Five Months away; the Fourth of July is only six months away, which is when the back to school stuff starts going back up in Target, which is a big milestone reached; and the Ber Months are only eight months away, at which point it's all down hill! It'll be here before you know it!

This week, after briefly touching on the Inauguration of Joe Biden and Anthony's new Batman tattoo, the elves settle in to discuss the 1994 dark comedy film, Mixed Nuts! The elves far all over the spectrum when it comes to this American remake of a classic french film, however, with Anthony absolutely fawning over it, Julia really liking it, and Thom finding himself not impressed. Regardless, the hosts have a fun time chatting about this hysterical movie, its incredibly talented cast, and reciting quotes-a-plenty for this film which is most definitely a Christmas movie! And, Anthony makes history with the score he bestows upon it given the fact that Adam Sandler is one of its stars!

So, settle in beside your fire, close your eyes to pretend your Christmas lights are still up, relax, and kick off February with this fun-filled episode you're sure to enjoy! And don't forget - keep your eyes on your podcast feeds this Thursday for "Chapter One" of Another Christmas Story!