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181: Fireside Chat Preview - Featuring Ron Hogan! (A.K.A.President Hotdog!)

This week, life got in the way for the elves - and between work and health issues, they couldn't record on their usual night and before they knew it, the week had gotten away from them. Not wanting to leave you hanging, however, we've decided to share one of our Patreon-Exclusive "Fireside Chat" segments with y'all! In our "Fireside Chats", one or more of the Tis the Podcast elves sit down by a crackling Christmas fire with one of our listeners to learn a little bit about them, talk about the holiday season, and discuss Christmas sensibilities amongst other things! In this episode, they chat with a listener oft-mentioned on the main feed of our show, Mr. President Hotdog - who goes by Ron Hogan in real life! In this episode, Ron shares a heartfelt and emotional story about how he discovered the show, a funny and sweet story about his history with Rankin/Bass, amazing Christmas memories and traditions, aspects of Christmas he'd remove from the holiday season if he could, and much, much more! So settle in with your favorite holiday drink and enjoy this fun, heartfelt episode that will make you want President Hotdog to appear on the show again, and again, and again! And don't worry - we'll be back with a new original episode next week! In the meantime, for all of you non-patrons out there, if you liked this episode and want to hear more like this, consider subscribing to our Patreon page at Patreon.com/TisThePodcast where - for as little as a dollar per month - you can get whole bonus length episodes like this!