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205: Forget Ever After, Just Live Happily. (Godmothered)

Happy Monday, Christmas fanatics! This week, Julia, Thom, and Anthony travel to Motherland to cover the 2020 original, Disney Plus holiday film, Godmothered! There's a lot of love to go around this week for this heartwarming family comedy, and while there is some cynicism on Anthony's part as to whether or not this movie rips off (rather than pays homage) to a plethora of films that came before it, Thom counters such cynicism with hilarious quotes-a-plenty! Of course, the pivotal question is raised - is this actually a Christmas film or is it just a film set at Christmas? If it's the latter, how will that affect the score? And speaking of scores, how much longer are listeners of this show going to drive Julia crazy with not allowing us to change our ranking system?! 

This is a fun, pick-me-up episode that is just what our post-Christmas January's need! So settle in beside your fire, close your eyes to pretend your Christmas lights are still up, relax, and enjoy! And don't forget - keep your eyes on your podcast feeds this Thursday for the "Prologue" of Another Christmas Story!