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46: God Bless Us, Everyone! (Disney's A Christmas Carol [2009])

This week, the elves tackle the controversial, 2009, Disney-animated film, A Christmas Carol - the first true adaptation of the classic Charles Dickens' novella they've covered on the show so far! (Devoid of any Muppets, that is!) Though Julia, Thom, and Anthony all have differing opinions about this notoriously divisive movie, they're all in agreement that it's not a total write-off and about the fact that there is definitely good to be found within it. Join us as we discuss how good (or bad) of a job Jim Carrey did at bringing this iteration of Ebenezer Scrooge to life, debate what the film got right and got wrong, and examine just how closely this version of the famous holiday classic adheres to its iconic source material, amongst many other things. Also, toward the end of the episode, we announce a new giveaway in conjunction with next week's movie, 2004's The Polar Express! Enjoy!