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25: Happy Birthday, Jesus. Sorry Your Party's So Lame. (The Office - U.S.)

“Back to Work” month continues this week with a discussion about all seven Christmas episodes of the American version of “The Office”! The elves are super excited to discuss the beloved comedy, which they all love, and laugh their way through the entire episode, which has an abundance of “That’s What She Said” jokes, a lot of quotes, and a few interesting tidbits about NBC’s iconic comedy outside of their holiday shows.

The elves talked for hours while recording this show, and though they managed to cut it down to a manageable 1:18:02 in length, the full, unedited episode – which runs 2:09:38 (a full 51 minutes longer!) – is even better. It includes a lot more discussion about “The Office” as a whole, more behind the scenes information, many more quotes, and, typical Tis the Podcast banter amongst our cohosts, including lots of trolling one another. Because the elves love the unedited version so much – in addition to their fans, who’ve shown a lot of excited interest in this episode – we’ve put the full, two plus hour show up on Patreon for you to download for just $1.00 if you’re interested. Trust us when we say, it’s worth it! (patreon.com/tisthepodcast)