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88: "He Does Exist!" "They Do Exist!" (Christmas Commercials)

Due to some things that came up in the personal lives of the elves this week, they were unable to record a new episode as planned. So, to make up for that fact - and not wanting to miss a week - we're releasing our last Patreon episode of 2018 for all to hear! Join the elves as they dive into the realm of Christmas commercials, both foreign and domestic, and discuss all of their personal favorites – from iconic classics, to ones that transport them back to childhood, and modern day fare that gives them all of the feels. This is one of our favorite episodes we've done, and definitely one you do not want to miss - so settle back with a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy!    *Note: As this was originally a Patreon episode, there are two instances in it where some questionable language is used. Nothing ridiculously bad that you wouldn't hear on Network television during Primetime, but we just wanted to give you fair warning in case you normally listen with children.*