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93: Here We Come A-Wassailing. (A Claymation Christmas Celebration)

This week, at long last, the elves cover the [in(?)]famous and much beloved 1987 claymation classic, A Claymation Christmas Celebration! How does Will Vinton's clay version of London's Christmas Square compare to the stop-animation settings of Rankin/Bass? Can Rex, Herb, and the California Raisons even compare to Rudolph, Frosty, and the Miser Brothers? And, perhaps most importantly, is this another case where nostalgia plays a huge role when it comes to this special's final rankings? The amount of Christmas music discussed this is almost reason enough to tune into this rollicking, joyful, fun-filled episode! So settle in with your holiday beverage, and enjoy! 

A Claymation Christmas Celebration website that we discuss in the episode, which features music and behind-the-scenes images and stories and was brought to our attention by listener Gerry Davilla. Thanks, Gerry!