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37: He's Better Than A Doctor, He's Santa Claus! (The Brady Bunch: The Voice of Christmas/A Very Brady Christmas)

In this episode, the elves discuss the one and only Christmas episode that The Brady Bunch ever made – 1969’s The Voice of Christmas – in addition to the 1988, CBS, made-for-TV reunion movie A Very Brady Christmas. Similar to the last time the elves discussed two pieces of Christmas entertainment in one episode (in the contentious Grinch episode), Anthony is once again pitted against Julia and Thom who don’t share the nostalgia, which imbues him with a strong love of the grown-up Brady Christmas story. The three of them are much more aligned when it comes to the original series’ holiday episode, however, and despite plenty of disagreements – and plenty of riffing on the absurdity of the plots featured in both Christmas specials – the hosts keep this conversation light and fun, regardless of their own personal opinions on the material. So pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa and relax because “here’s the story” of one very famous family who Anthony, Julia, and Thom track from the late ‘60s as they figure out its “time to change” on their way back to one another to celebrate Christmas in the late ‘80s.