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188: Human Beings Aren’t Meant To Be Alone On The Holidays. We Actually Need Warmth, Companionship, And Someone To Drunk-Mock Strangers With At Parties. (Holidate)

This week, Julia, Thom, and Anthony cover the 2020, Netflix original holiday film, Holidate! The opinions on this movie range all over the spectrum between the three elves with this one, as users speculated they would on social media in advance of this recording, and debate rages about whether the main relationship in this movie feels real, whether this qualifies as a Christmas movie, whether or not any film set in the present should be set at malls anymore, and whether or not this is merely a Hallmark Holiday movie dressed up with a dash of raunch and a plethora of vulgarity. Plus, Anthony once again finds himself on the opposite side of wide divide from Thom and Julia as it pertains to the the idea of infidelity in movies and television shows. In addition to all of this, the elves discuss how they spent their Halloweens, Thom teases a new podcast he's launching with another host within the Christmas Podcast Network, Anthony talks briefly about The Dresden Files short story "Christmas Eve", and Julia expresses her excitement for next week's scheduled film! All of this and much, much more takes place within this festive, laugh-a-plenty episode that you want to be sure not to miss. So settle in beside your Christmas tree with your favorite Starbucks Holiday-Flavored drink in this year's beautifully designed Red Cup, relax, and enjoy!  Also, as mentioned within the episode itself, the elves have a new, exciting, additional way planned to count down to Christmas 2021 next year, so if any of y'all would be interested in taking part in that, reach out to one of them via the Facebook Group and let them know! In addition, for those of you who are patrons of the show, keep your eye out for the debut minisode of "Tis the Podcast: After Dark", dropping this upcoming Wednesday - because some things shouldn't be heard by the entire world. Hint: In it, one of the elves tells an extraordinarily embarrassing story from a few years back that will have you rolling with disgusted laughter.