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178: I Am One With The Yuletide, Know What I Mean? (Ernest Saves Christmas)

This week - at long last - the elves discuss the beloved, 1988 Christmas-family film, Ernest Saves Christmas! Anthony, once again finding himself on an island alone, sets the tone for this conversation early on in the "History" portion of the episode in which he goes on his most passionate (some might say - unhinged?) rant since the hosts covered Arthur Christmas - one that clocks in at just under 5 1/2 minutes! Julia and Thom, meanwhile, have much more good feelings of comfort and joy regarding this film, fueled in large part by nostalgia. While there is an enormous divide between the New Yorker and the two Oklahomans, this is still a fun, laugh-a-plenty episode that culminates with the elves discussing their different Advent traditions and Julia pulling a fast-one on Thom and nailing a joke that he's been trying to land for weeks now. So open those windows, let in those Autumn breezes, settle back with your favorite pumpkin drink, and enjoy!