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161: I Have Never Heard of Such a Christmas! Sex! And Drugs! And Women Being Set on Fire! (The Ref)

Happy Monday, Christmas fanatics! This week, Julia introduces Thom and Anthony to the 1994, Christmas-Comedy, The Ref! Not only is this a quintessential Julia movie, due to the dysfunctional family element, but it is also a quintessential Anthony movie, for reasons that are discussed in this episode. With all three elves in agreement that this hilarious story about a robber whose heart grows three-sizes after spending time with the Chausser family - and a family that is helped by this dangerous intruder in their lives - is a good Christmas film (think a more adult version of Christmas Vacation), the question becomes where does it fall on their Christmas canon list? Find out in this fun, quote-filled episode, during which Thom tries to turn the podcast positively bougie and Julia is swayed into thinking Lethal Weapon is a Christmas movie when reading a comment from Reddit listener, PresidentHotdog! So settle in with your favorite holiday beverage, blast that air conditioning, and enjoy - and take solace in the fact that we are nearly halfway to Christmas!