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115: If A Superhero Can't Save His Family, He's Not Much Of A Hero. (Shazam!)

To round out the month of August, the elves delve back into the realm of superheroes by covering 2019's Shazam! Does this lighthearted, DC Films, action-comedy constitute a Christmas movie? Or does it fall into the same genre as Batman Returns and Iron Man 3 - superhero films set during the holidays? This is one fun, upbeat, quote-filled, informative episode you definitely do not want to miss, and one that is sure to stir up some controversy when it's revealed where Shazam! falls on our Christmas Canon List! So sit back with your first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season, relax, and enjoy while basking in the fact that the cooler weather is nearly upon us, and you'll be turning off those air conditioners sooner rather than later! 


*Update - There was an issue with the end music playing both at the end of this episode, and - for some reason - during the segment where we rank the film. The file's been re-uploaded to fix the music.*