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118: It Ain't Cool Being No Jive Turkey So Close To Thanksgiving. (Trading Places)

This week, Julia, Thom, and Anthony cover the beloved - and critically acclaimed - 1983 comedy film, Trading Places. Is this film a Christmas movie (like Italy claims it is), or is it merely a film set during the holidays? And does it stand the test of time or feel dated to the elves, none of whom have ever seen it before? Also discussed in this sure-to-be controversial episode are Thom and Anthony's first Pumpkin Spice purchases of the season, some Friends trivia, 10 pivotal historical moments that happened in the lives of Julia and her husband, our quintessential Fall meals, and the upcoming Disney + film, Noelle. This is one wide-ranging conversation you don't want to miss, so settle back with your favorite Autumn drink, pray that cooler weather gets here soon, and enjoy! 


*Content Warning - For those of you who listen to the show with young kids, please be advised that due to the nature of this film, some adult themes - such as hookers, sex, and nudity - are discussed this episode, so you may want to listen to this particular one alone.*