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67: It Was A Year Without A Santa Claus, The Worst We've Ever Had! (The Year Without a Santa Claus)

Happy November, Christmas Fanatics! We are officially in the Christmas season (Finally!), so if you haven't decorated yet or started your shopping, you better get on it! To celebrate the holiday season finally being upon us, Julia, Thom, and Anthony kick off two straight months of "Christmas Classics" with a return to the world of Rankin/Bass by covering 1974's The Year Without a Santa Claus! Will the hosts hold this annual staple in a higher regard than they have other Rankin/Bass productions, or will even the memorable and iconic Miser Brothers be unable to save this special? In addition, this episode also features two big announcements: the launch of The Christmas Podcast Network and the start of another giveaway contest! So grab a cup of hot chocolate, settle into a cozy armchair beside your Christmas tree, and enjoy, because this is definitely a show you do not want to miss!