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44: It's The Holiday Armadillo! (Friends)

Our annual television month concludes this week, and the elves could think of no better show to cover as a "last hoorah" than Friends! In this episode they discuss the four most Christmassy episodes of the hit-comedy ("The One Where Rachel Quits", "The One With The Routine", "The One With The Holiday Armadillo", and "The One With Christmas In Tulsa"), but do these yuletide stories reach the heights of the iconic Thanksgiving episodes that the show is famous for? For that matter, does this sampling of episodes represent the very best that Friends in general had to offer? Whether or not they do, the hosts have a blast talking about and quoting one of their favorite shows, and they reach a peak that hasn't been reached since they discussed Elf! So grab a cup of hot chocolate, sit back, and relax, because this is one episode you definitely don't want to miss!