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262: Just Because You Can’t See The Air Doesn’t Keep You From Breathing. And Just Because You Can’t See God Doesn’t Keep You From Believing. (The Preacher’s Wife)

Happy Monday, Christmas fanatics! 

After a week off, the elves are back to brighten your new year by discussion the Denzel Washington/Whitney Houston holiday vehicle, "The Preacher's Wife"! What do you they think of it? Is it actually a Christmas movie or a movie set at Christmas? And how does it stack up compared to other films when it comes to "angel metaphysics"? To find out the answers to all of these questions, and much more, you'll have to tune in!

So, settle back with your favorite beverage, open those windows to let the cold air in, and pretend it's still the Christmas season, and enjoy this fun episode! As always, thanks for your love and support, y'all! 🎅🏻🎄🎁 🦌🦉⛄️🚂🔔 🤶🏻 🎀 ❄️