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246: Look, There Is The Boogeyman Outside! (Halloween 1978)

Happy Monday, Christmas fanatics! Can you believe we've already reached the official final installment of 2021's Spooky Month? We sure as heck can't! Nevertheless, we planned all along on going out with a bang! So, to celebrate the occasion, Julia, Thom, and Anthony are joined by the always awesome and insanely knowledgeable Jay Skipworth of the extraordinarily fun, "Film Strip Podcast" to discuss the iconic, 1978, John Carpenter film, "Halloween"! Join the four of us as we take a deep dive into the cult classic and explore the impact that Carpenter, the film franchise he spawned, and the boogeyman himself - Michael Myers - have had on the film industry today, and help us bid Halloween adieu as we creep ever closer to November and the official start of the Christmas season! This is one fun and fascinating episode you want to be sure not to miss - especially if you're a fan of horror films and slasher films! So don your sweaters, grab your pumpkin spice lattes, take a stroll down the leafy streets of Haddonfield with us, and enjoy this fun episode!