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155: Merry Christmas! (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight!) (Better Watch Out)

War! What is it good for? That's something the elves have to find out for themselves this week as Anthony, Thom, and Julia head into battle and discuss the 2016 horror film, Better Watch Out. Not since the debate over Jim Carrey's How the Grinch Stole Christmas has Anthony been forced to suffer such a brutal attack, as Thom and Julia double-team him and do their best to squash out that spark of enjoyment he receives from a movie that he actually liked. It's not all a fight though - in fact, there are hilarious laughs a plenty in this episode, which sees Thom and Anthony becoming oddly reminiscent of Dwight and Andy when they first met on The Office (or, if y'all prefer a Christmas reference, Anthony and Thom revert back to their Snow Miser and Heat Miser roles, while Julia tries to placate them as Mother Nature). In addition to the film, this week sees Thom give advice to our listeners about working remote; the hosts discuss which wild animals they would like to own as pets; binge-worthy television is talked about; and a game involving Christmas movie "teams", which was brought to the show's attention by listener GaryBlauman, is played. Also - dueling banjos! A line has been drawn in the snow - so choose your side, settle in, and enjoy this amusing episode!