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165: Merry Christmas To Those Who Have Who Have Seen Us At Our Best And At Our Worst, And Can't Tell The Difference. (Crown for Christmas)

Happy July First, Christmas Fanatics! (And Happy Canada Day to our Canadian Listeners!) Bet you weren't expecting to see us in your feed again so soon after the last episode, but we wanted to officially kick off Christmas in July with a bang! As Hallmark Christmas movie month begins, we wanted to make sure to cover a true Hallmark classic in honor of the occasion - the 2015 original film, Crown for Christmas! While all of the elves are in agreement that Danica McKellar is the true Hallmark Christmas movie queen, and a far better and more endearing actress than Candace Cameron Bure, do they all align in their opinions of this movie? How does it stack up against other holiday films of the royal genre, in particular Netflix's A Christmas Prince franchise? And can Anthony (whose mic is working a lot better this episode!) stop gushing over his childhood crush? All of this and more are answered in this cheery episode filled with Christmas cheer! In addition, the elves are surprised by a special surprise cameo during the show that you'll be able to view for yourselves on social media later today! So blast that air-conditioning, settle in with your favorite holiday drink, enjoy this special bonus episode, and rejoice that we are on the download slope to Christmas 2020!