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39: Moms Don't Enjoy, They Give Joy. That's How Being A Mom Works. (A Bad Moms Christmas)

This week, the elves cover another Christmas comedy film filled with sophomoric humor, sexual innuendo, and implied nudity in the form of A Bad Moms Christmas, written by the same people who came up with the story for Office Christmas Party - the first film we covered that was filled with sophomoric humor, sexual innuendo, and nudity. Does this one contain more heart and Christmas feelings than that one, or will it flounder and place below it on the list? Longtime listeners can probably guess in advance where Julia, Thom, and Anthony all fall on this movie, but that makes the episode no less fun to listen to! So enjoy this wide-ranging discussion about the star-studded 2017 film, and buckle-up in preparation for next week's foray to spend the holidays in a Galaxy, Far, Far Away.