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75: Now, All Those Within The Sound Of My Voice, And All Those On This Earth Everywhere, Know That Henceforth You Will Be Called 'Santa Claus'. (Santa Claus: The Movie)

This week, one week out from Christmas(! Can you believe it?!), the elves discuss the cult classic, criminally underrated, 1985 holiday film, Santa Claus: The Movie. While a formative film in the childhoods of both Julia and Anthony, Thom is going in completely fresh, and the discussion yields some interesting differences in how he views certain aspects of the story compared to how his two cohosts do. One thing becomes evident though the longer the in-depth conversation goes on: David Huddleston is Santa Claus, and the superhero-like mythology built around the Christmas figure in this movie has shaped countless personal and pop-culture perceptions as to who exactly Santa is, and what his world should look like. Also discussed in this episode is new Christmas music that have made our playlists this holiday season! So settle back with a cup of hot cocoa, put those carols on the radio, and enjoy, because not only is this a fun episode you don't want to miss, but Christmas is nearly upon us - make sure to savor every last second of this upcoming week.