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159: One Time A Year There's A Marvelous Night, When Enchantment And Wonder Spark And Take Flight. (Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas)

*Listener Advisory: Please note that, due to one of the segments in this film, some hard Christmas truths about Santa Claus are discussed in this episode, so you may want to make sure no young children are around when you listen to this one.* Happy June, y'all! We are officially that much closer to the most wonderful time of the year! This week, Julia, Thom, and Anthony are joined by a special guest host - Mike Westfall, of Advent Calendar House Podcast! Together, the four of them sit down to discuss the 1999, straight-to-VHS film, Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas and geek out over all things Disney! Tune in to find out just how talented the voice-cast of this movie is, whether the hosts prefer "the Ducks" or "the Mice", cute ways that both Thom and Julia's children remember this film, hear stories about Anthony's Disney honeymoon (including a tale of his wife fulfilling her lifelong goal of meeting Goofy, discovering which Disney character proposed to Sarah at the them park, and an anecdote about what Aladdin said to him when he found out where he was from), and learn tons and tons of Disney movie, television, and theme park trivia courtesy of Mike. Also discussed - the answer to reddit user GaryBlauman's question of the week: "In Home Alone, Old Man Marley tells Kevin in the church that there are a lot of rumors floating around about him. Outside of the rumor Buzz tells Kevin of him murdering people, what rumors do you think adults were saying about him?" This is one fun, festive episode you want to be sure not to miss - especially since this film's ranking might cause some controversy as to how it shakes up our Christmas canon list! So blast that air-conditioning to simulate that Ber-Month weather, settle in with your favorite holiday beverage, and enjoy!  *We apologize for some of the audio issues that are evident throughout this episode - specifically with Anthony's mic - that kick in around twenty-minutes in. New Microphones were ordered, and there should be no more issues going forward.*