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48: Peace On Earth! Give Me Presents! (A Muppet Family Christmas)

This week, the elves invite you to accompany them on a trip with Fozzie Bear and the rest of his Muppet pals in the 1987, made-for-TV classic, "A Muppet Family Christmas"! Long before Nick Fury began to assemble the Avengers on the big screen, but after Rankin/Bass ended up bringing together Rudolph and Frosty, this epic crossover event for the ages brought together the Muppets (and the Muppet babies!), the Sesame Street gang, and the inhabitants of Fraggle Rock for the holidays! As huge fans of the brand, will Julia, Thom, and Anthony deem this movie worthy of the Muppet name? And more importantly, will they think the movie succeeded on delivering the feelings they expect from a Christmas film? Turn the air conditioning down low to simulate that holiday weather because we need a little Christmas right now! And as if none of that is exciting enough for you, the hosts announce that in honor of Christmas in July, we're deeming July "Hallmark Movie Month"!  So get ready for us to cover a string of films that are sure to be heavy on the holiday atmosphere, if nothing else.  Enjoy everybody!