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223: Save A Little Christmas For Christmas Day. (The First Christmas: The Story of the First Christmas Snow)

Happy Monday, Christmas aficionados! This week, join Julia, Thom, and Anthony as they journey back to the wonderful world of Rankin/Bass to discuss the 1975 holiday special, "The First Christmas: The Story of the First Christmas Snow"! Can the incomparable Angela Lansbury not only save this special for the podcast's Rankin/Bass skeptics and - dare-we-say - actually make this production an enjoyable experience for them? Or, like so many of the stop-motion-animated specials before it, does this one not elicit any Christmas feels from our hosts? The only way to find out is by settling in and listening to this fun, episode!

Enjoy, y'all! And keep your eyes on your feeds this upcoming Thursday for the next installment of “Another Christmas Story” – Chapter Sixteen, which will be read to you by the incredible writer, Nicole Little!