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35: Saving Christmas(?) (Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas)

This week, the elves discuss “what may well be the single most self-indulgent tripe ever written, produced by and starring a self-righteous narcissist: Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas.” There is no love for this film at all as Julia, Thom, and Anthony stand united in their anger and frustration against what is easily the worst film we’ve reviewed yet. It’s so bad, in fact, that none of us can recommend in good conscious watching this offensive film and wasting 79 minutes of your lives. Nonetheless, despite Christmas Cheer being in low supply this episode (Spoiler Alert: there is unanimous agreement that this film is not a Christmas movie!) the conversation is fun and wide-ranging as the hosts express their disbelief in how something so bad could ever have been made, dub a new term (The Anti-Linus Test), and make a pact to end the show if a movie worse than this ever comes up for us to review.