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158: That's What Christmas Memories Are Made From. They're Not Planned, They're Not Scheduled, Nobody Puts Them In Their Blackberry - They Just Happen. (Deck the Halls)

Happy Memorial Day, y'all! This week, the elves cover the infamous Matthew Broderick/Danny DeVito holiday film from 2006, Deck the Halls. Are there enough Christmas lights, atmosphere, and classic carols in this movie to make up for the lack of laughs, or is this a complete dud all around? You'll have to listen to find out the answer, but Spoiler Alert: all three hosts are on the same page this week, even when it comes to whether or not there is a genuine Linus Moment in this film! Also discussed, a question of the week that has been provided to us once again by Reddit listener, GaryBlauman: "Have you found yourself searching for Christmas feels more than usual now while in self isolation? If so, how have you accomplished that?" So enjoy this fun, feisty episode while preparing your long weekend barbecues, and listen closely to hear which Christmas podcast host will be joining us next week on the show!