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300: The Entire Horror Genre Was Destroyed By Sequels! (Scream 2)

Happy Monday, Christmas Fanatics! And welcome to another Spooky Season edition of "Tis the Podcast"! 

This week, the elves are joined by Jay Skipworth of "Film Strip Podcast" to discuss "Scream 2"! He and Anthony, both of whom have seen this movie many times, are on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to determining its quality - and both have #Thoughts - but where do Julia and Thom fall after watching it for the first time? (Especially after "Scream" pleasantly surprised both of them?) You'll just have to tune in to find out!

As always when Jay joins us, this episode contains a plethora of movie trivia, film knowledge, and cinematic recommendations! As such, this is one deep dive into Sidney Prescott's ongoing, tragic saga you want to be sure not to miss! 

So, settle in with your Pumpkin Spice Lattes, relax, and enjoy! And, as always, thanks for your love and support, y'all!