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51: The Hot Ghost Of Christmas (The Spirit of Christmas)

Our first annual Christmas in July, Hallmark movie month comes to a close this episode in which the elves discuss the 2015, not-quite-Hallmark (but definitely one of those channels, most likely Lifetime) film "The Spirit of Christmas"! While atmosphere is in heavy supply this week, can holiday decorations, snow, and an extremely attractive man help this movie overcome a perplexing plot? While opinions about this movie range the entire spectrum, there is no daylight between our hosts who are all equally excited to dedicate an entire episode next week to the Harry Potter - book and movie - Christmas scenes! Also discussed this episode are the differences between Hallmark Christmas movies, and Christmas movies that air on channels similar to Hallmark. So settle in with a cup of hot chocolate, kick back, and crank that A.C. while you listen - and get excited that summer is quickly drawing to an end, and it will be *our* time soon!