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173: The Tis The Podcast 3-Year Anniversary Special! A.K.A. They Call It Tis The Podcast

Welcome to a very special bonus episode of Tis the Podcast in which Julia, Thom, and Anthony celebrate 3-years(!!!) of friendship, family, laughs, everlasting Christmas spirit, and tons, and tons, and tons of holiday movies and television specials!

Join the elves as they travel back through time with the Ghost of Christmas Past to reflect on how far they've come, recount their biggest mistakes, and reveal their personal Top-10 lists of movies they've covered and Top-5 lists of television specials they've covered; while their movie lists differ substantially more this year than in past years, there are still a few staples across all three! Also - learn whether they're happier with the current state of their Christmas movie canon list or their Christmas television canon list!

Then, journey with the hosts and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Be as they look ahead to what Year 4 might bring - including the unveiling of their official bucketized headings for their Christmas movie canon list, a tease about future podcast mascots, and hints about content that will be coming your way! And as if all of that wasn't enough, listen through to the end to hear the debut of the new, official, and totally rad Tis the Podcast Christmas Carol, written and performed by Gerry Davila of Totally Rad Christmas!

So blast that air conditioning, settle back with your Pumpkin Spice Lattes (which - along with other delicious pumpkin-flavored drinks - are officially back at Dunkin!), and enjoy this celebration of the podcast which has spawned the most amazing community of listeners anywhere on the internet; a community that has spanned lifelong friendships and is really more like a family. Thanks for 3-years, y'all! Here's to year 4!