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83: The World's Most Pissed Off Snow Cone! (Jack Frost [1997])

This week, the elves tackle the 1997 horror-comedy film, Jack Frost - not to be confused with the still yet-to-be-covered 1998 comedy, Jack Frost, starring Michael Keaton. Does this low-budget, campy movie fall into the same "so bad it could be fun to mock" category as Santa's Slay, or will it even come up short of that standard? Given the length of this episode, and keeping in mind Disco54's "Laws of Tis The Podcast", I'm sure you can guess what Julia, Thom, and Anthony think of this film before listening to it!  It's not a complete waste this week, however, for the hosts get surprisingly sentimental when discussing a question posed to them by listener, Martin Achatz ("What would you put in your Christmas time capsule?") and a classic Christmas carol is used as the show's outro music! In addition, sunnier and more romantic times lie ahead, which Julia makes clear when announcing the movies that will be covered in the next two weeks!