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116: Tis The Podcast’s Two Year Retrospective Extravaganza!

Happy Two Years, everybody! Can you believe Tis the Podcast is already two years old? Julia, Thom, and Anthony sure can’t! Once again, the elves take a break from talking one specific movie this week in order to reflect on the year gone by, discussing what movies and television specials they were too hard and easy on, revealing their own personal Top 10 lists, and debating some changes they're contemplating making to the list! On top of this, they share some wonderful comments and touching well-wishes they received on this very special occasion from the best fans on the planet! So settle in with a Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte, blast that air conditioning (and be grateful September is here and Fall is coming up quick so you won’t have to for much longer!), and allow this healthy dose of Tis the Podcast nostalgia to grow your hearts three sizes and fill you up with some Christmas cheer! Enjoy!