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218: What Is A Clown Doing Next To Baby Jesus? (Home Improvement)

Happy Monday, Christmas fanatics! This week, the elves gather at the North Pole to discuss the classic 90's television comedy, Home Improvement, for the last time! For those of you who want to join along and watch at home, the last batch of Christmas episodes we talk about are the following:

  • Season 5, Episode 12 - 'Twas the Flight Before Christmas 
  • Season 7, Episode 11 - Bright Christmas
  • Season 8, Episode 11 - Home for the Holidays

How do these Christmas episodes compare to the first two batches Home Improvement released? Are they as atmospheric and effective? Also discussed: the elves' Easter celebrations; the results of Round 2 of "Tis the Podcast's Ultimate Christmas Movie March Madness Bracket" and their predictions for Round 3; Anthony makes an embarrassing confession regarding his TV habits at this point during pandemic life and reveals how into a certain "reality" show he is; and much, much more! So, enjoy, and make sure to keep your eyes on your podcast feeds this upcoming Thursday for the next chapter of Another Christmas Story as read to you by listener, Claude Bélanger!