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124: You Have A Freak Flag, You Just Don't Fly It. (The Family Stone)

This week, the elves tackle one of Julia's favorite (holiday-)film tropes - the dysfunctional family - while tackling 2005's The Family Stone. Julia, Thom, and Anthony fall all over the spectrum with their opinions in this episode full of disagreements, but nevertheless, they find much to laugh about along the way and come to a consensus when deciding whether or not this movie is a Christmas movie, and whether or not it passes the Linus Test. Also announced this episode is the creation of our new "Tis the Podcast" Facebook Group (which you can find here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tisthepodcastgroup/), which will allow listeners to post, discuss, debate, and interact with the hosts and one another about their favorite holiday movies, television specials, music, traditions, and other content. So settle in, relax, and enjoy! 

*Note: We apologize for the quality of Anthony's audio in this episode. We don't know what was wrong with his mic, and promise whatever issues plagued it this past week will be corrected by next Monday*