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149: You Messed With The Wrong Sisters. (Black Christmas [2019])

This week, Julia, Thom, and Anthony discuss the 2019 (2nd) remake of the 1974 cult-classic, Black Christmas. Is this modern reimagining a more feminist take on the source material, or does it somehow manage to make the original film look like a masterpiece? Spoiler Alert - all of the elves are united in their hatred of this film, but that doesn't stop them from having fun and a lot of laughs tearing it to shreds. Also discussed this episode - Coronavirus and an update on the hosts' Quarantined lives; the show's ranking system; and much, much more. So settle back with your favorite holiday beverage and enjoy an episode that is far superior than the movie it covers! 

*Please Note - This episode touches on some serious topics that could be triggering to some, and that may be inappropriate for younger listeners. (Including the Outro Music.) Please be advised in advanced. (There was no avoiding this, as they were plot points in the movie.*