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168: You're A Trophy Wife? What Contest In Hell Did I Win? (Everybody Loves Raymond)

This week, the elves cover the Christmas episodes of the family-comedy, Everybody Loves Raymond! While Anthony is a huge fan, and believes that it's an accurate description of family life in a New York Italian family, Thom and Julia haven't really seen it before and this is a first time seeing multiple episodes for both of them. Do they think there's a good amount of holiday cheer in here to make these episodes worthwhile, or do they feel the show is outdated and a bit cold to the point where even Christmas can't salvage it? In addition, a ton of listener feedback is discussed and a new question of the week is posed! This is one fun episode you want to be sure not to miss, so settle back and enjoy! Also, remember that between now and next Monday's episode, our Christmas in July episode will be dropping on Saturday, July 25th, and for Patrons of the show, a conversation between Anthony and April Ryley about Christmas in New York will be dropping the day before on Friday, July 24th, so make sure to keep an eye out!